Senior Conferences and B2B Meetings
Exhibitions and Conferences are an important part of the marketing activities of most types of business as they present important opportunities to get face-to-face with customers and potential future clients, and hence they remain an incredibly valuable tool for developing new business.
EastMed organises annual conferences and business meetings in Oil&Gas, Technology and Management to provide annual updates on latest development, knowledge transfer and networking opportunities. Our conferences are designed to best match our clients marketing strategies and objective.   

  • Tailored to meet industry trends and client's marketing objectives.
  • Set up to include pre- arranged meetings during the conferences.
  • Attended by most of the industry leaders and managers.
  • Able to deliver high impact results and facilitate new business opportunities.
  • Attending EastMed’s conferences gives invaluable education programme and unrivalled networking opportunity.
Consultancy and In-House Training
Our in-house training programmes are designed and tailored by industry's experts to meet each client’s learning and development needs and strategy. Our aim is to establish what course is right for you and then to take you on a learning journey from beginner to certification, and to ensure that all our training is informative, distinctive and enjoyable. 
  • Tailored to meet clients learning and development's objectives.
  • Delivered in-house, which saves travel time and cost.
  • Delivered by industry experts.
  • Internationally recognised.
  • Tailored to meet clients learning and development's objectives.​
Business Development Outsourcing
Sales and business development Enabling organic business growth through effective sales and marketing processes. If you are thinking of outsourcing your sales, EastMed will develop a sales and marketing plan specific to your business needs. EastMed has a team of experienced and multi-lingual sales professionals who can help your company to achieve the maximum revenues.
Sales outsourcing can be also beneficial for small companies that are looking to grow in to new markets with minimum associated costs. We can help you:
  • Develop a quick and efficient market penetration strategy.
  • Reduce the cost-of-sales from salaries, benefits and travel.
  • Eliminate equipment costs: phones, CRM, laptops, etc.
  • Focus on improving your product and service quality.
  • Improve sales by benefitting from us having high quality sales professional experts in the industry and the region.
Risk Management
Managing the many risks raised by international expansion requires an approach that helps align business objectives and internal and external. Expanding business overseas means reaching new clients or customers and potentially communication difficulties and cultural differences. We tear down language and culture barriers. Our team is multi-lingual and culturally sensitive with proven experience in the industry. Understanding a region’s cultural norms can help improve business development and lead to a more effective risk management in international markets. 
As a group of international business experts, we are offering a variety of business development solutions that helps our clients and partners to develop their business in international market and find the right business opportunities in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions.