All across the globe discussions take place about (gender) diversity in business, government and institutions. Why should we put so much emphasis on this topic? Because in all organizations decisions are made that impact you, your community and the country. So, we need excellent decision making for business development, and this requires the competence to listen to and consider various perspectives from people different in gender, age, background and experience.
Women leaders play an important role in not only diversity of thinking and therefore better decision making and business development, but also in representing female stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers), the potential of new talents, and last but not least the competitive advantage of organizations with female leaders.
So… advancing women leadership is smart business!

 Prof dr Josette Dijkhuizen

The program is aimed at middle and senior level women working in business, government, public sector or educational institutions. The topics in the course prepare them for their next career step. Participants work around a female leadership model and address different issues encountered by women, such as personal mission, leadership styles, and building professional skills. Next to this group work, the participants work during the course on their own personal leadership plan (PLP). The program is a combination of a theoretically based model and the practical work-out, which makes the program very profound and effective. With the addition of individual online mentoring the results are sustainable.
Prof. dr. Josette Dijkhuizen is entrepreneur and Honorary Professor in Entrepreneurship Development at Maastricht School of Management, The Netherlands. Her expertise is female leadership and entrepreneurship and she is a well-known professor and consultant both within The Netherlands and across the globe, with large presence on television and in the media. She works as professor, consultant, trainer and speaker for corporates, educational institutions, governments and the public sector. Her passion for female leadership and entrepreneurship is expressed in her best-selling books, such as The Entrepreneurial Gene, and presentations on (inter)national platforms.
Her position as UN Women’s Representative for the Netherlands led to her idea of Krachtbedrijf to assist survivors of violence to start-up their business. She received (inter)national awards for her inspirational work, such as the AMBA Highly Commended Award, and Eindhoven City Friendship Award.
Advancing Women Leadership Is Smart Business!   
  • Knowing the different elements of successful female leadership
  • Developing persuasive leadership skills
  • Motivating others in their personal leadership
  • Developing highly effective and creative ways of thinking
  • Creating your personal leadership plan
  • A mutual understanding of the challenges confronting emerging leaders and of ways to navigate challenges
Course participants are drawn from a diverse range of backgrounds and are individually selected on to program to promote the sharing of different perspectives and alternative approaches to day-to-day challenges  

Accelerating Learning via Three-Step Methodology
  1. 1/3
    1 hour plus 1 individual online session We start with an online assessment to find your main qualities as female leaders. You execute this assessment before the workshop.
  2. 3/3
    After the workshop every participant can make use of 6 online mentoring sessions with a professional mentor.
  3. 2/3
    In the five-day program (Monday – Friday) a model for successful female leadership is explained and you work on this to make your own personal leadership plan.
Online assessment personal leadership 
60-minute individual online mentoring – 6 sessions  
Intensive group learning (workshop) – 5 days  
Graduation ceremony
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